Wireless Headsets

Touch Green Telecom offers a wide range of wireless headsets which give the user increased office productivity and mobility away from their desk.

Touch Green Telecom has a large quantity of wireless headsets from some of the world's leading suppliers. Jabra and Plantronic's feature highly in our stocking.  Plantronics saw huge growth with their dominance in aviation headsets with both pilots and air traffic controllers. The dominance continued when the first words from the moon were spoken through a Plantronics headset. With this amazing pedigree comes an assurance of quality and usability. Plantronics always sets the pace with advances in technology, producing market leading products.

Telephone headsets will help all staff on a phone for long periods of time to keep their hands free for computer work and stop them craddling the phone between their neck and shoulder which can strain muscles and cause problems. We offer a full range of corded and wireless telelphone headsets, available in single head pieces and duo head pieces from all the major manufacturers.


If you are interested in sorcing wireless headsets please contact our Customer Services Team, on 0845 812 3900 to help you with bulk-buy discounts or finding the perfect wireless headset for your telephony solution.